Free Search Engine Optimization Training

April 22, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

The Arkansas SBTDC has updated its popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seminar and attendance is currently free, courtesy of ConnectArkansas. The biggest change in the updated course is the new student workbook. ASBTDC has adopted Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, the definitive guide for how to optimize a website without violating any Google policies. [...]


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Convert PDF to Excel: Tabula Table Extraction Tool

April 15, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Adobe’s Portable Document File or PDF is one of the most popular means of publishing complex documents on-line. The PDF format is so common that business software, such as Microsoft Word, incorporates the ability to export their documents to PDF. The problems arise when one wants to reverse the process and export the PDF back [...]


Google Glass for Business

April 11, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

Google just announced this week they are making Google Glass available for purchase by anyone…Anyone with $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket, that is. Google Glass, by the way, is Google’s cutting-edge mobile computing device that appears as a pair of reading glasses. The device projects onto the clear lenses like a fighter pilot’s [...]


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Microsoft Office for iPad Released

March 27, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

Microsoft has released their new Microsoft Office for iPad app. Or, should we say apps? Unlike the Microsoft Office app for Android that is in fact a single app, Microsoft Office for iPad is actually three separate apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The new suite of Microsoft Office for iPad apps requires iOS 7.0 or [...]


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Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress

March 18, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Google has developed and released a new plugin for WordPress. This first release of Google Publisher Plugin adds support for Google AdSense and Webmaster Tools. The AdSense support enables WordPress users to easily point and click to add AdSense ads to their content. While few get rich hosting AdSense ads, the plugin does allow one [...]


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Pinterest announces unlimited secret boards

March 11, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Pinterest announced at the end of February that Pinterest pinners may now create unlimited secret boards. Previously, there was a two-board limit. Secret boards, while hidden from the visiting public, are useful for many reasons. Chief among these is the ability to build a basic topical board around a product or service and then make [...]


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WordPress malicious plugin: check your 404 error page now

March 4, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

When was the last time you checked your site’s 404 error page? That long? Check it now by going to a non-existing web page. Simple enter your domain name, add a /, and then type some random letters and hit the enter key. Your website should respond with its current 404 error page. Hopefully, you [...]


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4 best practices for securing WordPress blogs

February 25, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Taps and Clicks Blog, like many other blogs and websites, runs on the popular WordPress content management system. One of the downfalls of using popular software is that popularity is like waving a red flag in front of hacker bulls. WordPress is a common target of those seeking to submit comments full of spam links [...]



Chip and PIN credit cards coming

February 18, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Did you know Visa and MasterCard have set a deadline of October 2015 for when all banks and merchants must use chip and PIN (EMV standard) credit cards? Europe has already switched and India has set June 2014 as their target date for switching over to chip and PIN. Compared to magnetic stripe credit cards, [...]


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Windows XP obsolete but extended

February 11, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Remember Microsoft XP? XP was Microsoft’s operating system that combined the best of Windows 95 with that of Windows NT. There’s a good chance you use Windows XP every week, even though you may have long upgraded to Vista or Windows 7. That’s because most of the world’s automatic teller machines (ATMs) still use Windows [...]



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