Review: Samsung Galaxy S

July 24, 2014 Timothy Tablet Technology

Business Insider, one of our daily professional reads, posted a slideshow review of the Samsung Galaxy S tablet. In the review, they focused on eleven things you could do with the new Galaxy S tablet that you can’t do with an Apple iPad. Among their highlights, were: Running two aps side-by-side. One of the more [...]


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Essential Google Analytics Filters

July 22, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

The Arkansas SBTDC has long recommended small businesses take advantage of Google Analytics for monitoring their web sites. While most websites have installed the HTML tracking fragment, fewer have gone further to configure Google Analytics to their business model. One of the best and easiest configurations is to setup simple filters to improve the quality [...]


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Microsoft Ending Windows 7 Support On January 13, 2015

July 15, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Woah! Deja vu! Didn’t Microsoft just end support for Windows XP? Yep! And if you upgraded to Windows 7, you may just get the opportunity to upgrade again. Microsoft is ending mainstream support (patches and fixes) for most users of Windows 7 on Januray 13, 2015. Business users who purchased an extended service agreement will [...]


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Disposing of Android Phones

July 9, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

Now that Android phones have been available for several years, many individuals are upgrading and disposing of their old phones. How do you ensure your old phone has been cleared of all personal data? Are you absolutely sure that all photos, address books, emails, texts and documents have been irretrievably cleared out of the phones [...]


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Evernote for Training

July 1, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

We recently returned from mmLearnCon 2014 where we discovered a novel use for the popular Evernote app. Training! Evernote is ideal for quickly developing short visual job aids for common tasks. here’s how to get started. First, take a photo of each step in the task. Then import the photos into Evernote in the task [...]



Smartphone and Tablet Security: How to Defeat Phishing, Stealing and Rogue Apps

June 24, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

The Arkansas State University SBTDC pinned a short, but useful article from Inc magazine on “Tracking (and Thwarting) the Latest Mobile Threats to their technology board on Pinterest.” Inc focuses on three major tactics used against mobile phones and tablets: phishing, stealing, and rogue apps. Phishing (or WiPhising, the mobile version) is the most common [...]


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How to Recover a Hacked Website

June 17, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Do you know what to do if your website is hacked? A number of small businesses have had their websites hacked in recent months. The causes have been poor password selection or malware infested plug-ins. But that’s water under the bridge. It’s happened. Your site has been successfully hacked. What do you do now? Fortunately [...]


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Learn Spanish Free with Duolingo App

June 10, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps


Do you need to learn Spanish to better communicate with customers or employees? Have you been searching free Spanish lessons online? You might look on your mobile phone or tablet for the Duolingo app. Duolingo is one of the most popular apps for learning Spanish, particularly among those who have tried other tools like Rosetta [...]


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Google Analytics Update Adds Demographics

June 4, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Google has updated their popular Google Analytics product to support demographics. Most existing users will need to update your analytics tracking code to support the new capability. Updating consists of adding a single line of text near the end of your existing analytics tracking fragment. What’s the payoff for the extra effort and nervousness? How [...]


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Google Docs App for iOS and Android

May 28, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

Not to be out marketed by Microsoft’s recent release of a Word app, Google has announced the availability of a new Google Docs app for both Apple idevices and android devices. The new Google Docs app enables one to create new document or to open an existing document that you may have created on another [...]


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