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August 27, 2012 Timothy Online Presence

As more and more data finds its way into the clouds of DropBox, Google and others, the question of privacy and security soon come up for discussion. One possible solution is to use a PogoPlug and host your own private cloud for storage of files, photos, and videos.

PogoPlugs are small devices that plug into an existing broadband router. You then either insert an SD memory card of your preferred size or conect an external hard drive via an USB port. The base cost of a PogoPlug is $49, making your total cost $49 plus the cost of a SD card or external hard drive.

PogoPlug apps are available to automatically upload photos and videos from phones. You share files with others by sending them a link to your PogoPlug, which is a functioning web server.

While not a perfect solution, it may be a good match for your small business. As with any device, physical security to prevent theft is your responsibility.

For assistance developing a backup or file sharing strategy for your small business, please contact the Arkansas SBTDC at 501.683.7700.


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