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September 3, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

The Arkansas SBTDC recently acquired two Apple TV devices for use with our classroom set of iPads and staff iPads. Were we impressed! The small digital media hub allows users to easily play content on a television or media projector. Within minutes of reading the instructions, we were wirelessly connected to our room projector and could use our iPads from anywhere in the room.

Apple TV comes in a small white box and contains the Apple TV “puck,” a thin remote control, and a spiral-wound power cord. Set up is easy. Insert the power cord, plug in to a wall socket, and connect the HDMI out to your TV or projector. (ASBTDC’s SmartBoard uses the older VGA standard, so we plugged Apple’s HDMI-VGA converter into our Apple TV and then attached the VGA cable.)

After using the remote to set English as our preferred language, we quickly connected to our WiFi network, connected an iPad, and enabled Airplay.

In addition to being able to mirror an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, Apple TV comes preloaded with apps for connecting to YouTube, Netflix, Hulu  Plus and many other consumer entertainment networks. You’ll need a paid account to access the content from these, except for YouTube.

One suggestion: in addition to adding a HDMI-VGA adapter for uses with older projectors, we also added a long HDMI cable for use in those offsite situations where critical cables are missing.



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