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September 6, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

Are you an Apple user wanting to know how to use Airplay? Here’s a quick walk-through of the basic steps of this cutting-edge technology.

First, ensure you have all the hardware to enable Airplay. You need an Apple TV device, a WiFi device, and a recent Apple mobile device (iPad2, iPhone4 or iPod Touch) .

Second, ensure your WiFi device is up and running. Jot down the WiFi’s password as you’ll need to enter it into the Apple TV device and your Apple mobile device.

Third, set up your Apple TV device. Plug it in to both power and a display device. On your display, you should see the initial menu. Use the remote to select “Settings” – “General” – “Networking”. The Apple TV will search for WiFi networks in the immediate area. Select your WiFi network on the list. Enter your WiFi network password when prompted.

If successful and connected to the Internet, you’ll see a large menu of Apple TV content choices. If you get an error message about not being connected to the Internet, don’t panic. Acknowledge the message and proceed as if everything is fine. You’ll be connected to the WiFi and can still use Airplay to display your Apple device on a TV, monitor or projector.

Fourth, connect your Apple mobile device. Ensure you’re connected to the same WiFi network as the Apple TV unit. Double tap the home button. Right swipe the recent apps bar to display the volume controls bar. You should find a new Airplay button just to the right of the fast forward button. Tap the button and the Airplay menu will appear. Turn mirroring on and you should be seeing your Apple device screen mirrored to your display device.

One caveat – one of our new Apple TV devices needed to be upgraded once before we could get the Airplay icon to appear. Leave your Apple TV connected to the Internet after first use and you’ll likely receive a notice to update your device. The update takes about 5-10 minutes to install. You’ll need to reconnect to your WiFi and re-enter its password after the update.


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