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November 29, 2012 Timothy Online Presence

Skype in the workspaceDid you know that the popular videoconferencing software Skype now offers a business-to-business (B2B) version? Skype’s new owner Microsoft has just released from beta testing Skype in the Workspace.

Skype in the Workspace is focused on helping businesses promote their own services or find desired skills or expertise. You can create free opportunities which include a headline, description of offer, Skype time limit and a still photo or YouTube video. Here at ASBTDC, we recommend you opt for the video over a still photo.

“The new SITW is designed as an online community for small businesses to connect with potential customers, partners and suppliers,” according to this CMS Wire article.

One of the features of Skype in the Workplace opportunities is being able to see the number of people viewing, indicating interest and actively making a favorite of your posted opportunity. The ability to favorite an opportunity provides Skype in the Workplace users the ability to Skype at a later time about a particular service or product.

Another feature of SITW is the ability to search by keyword. A search on “SEO” resulted in dozens of opportunities to meet online and video chat. A search on “training” brought up just two opportunities. This indicates you can take advantage of the long-tail phenomenon and target niches by including keywords in your Skype in the Workspace opportunity titles and descriptions.

To get started, I had to first sign in with an existing Skype account, verify my email address and create a short profile with name, photo, business, and a short biography. Within 15 minutes, I had an active Skype in the Workspace opportunity up and working!


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