iPads instead of menus, really?

December 14, 2012 Ronda Tablet Technology

Yes, tablets are now showing up in restaurants for customer use. Miami New Times featured a restaurant in their area using iPads to serve hot dogs. To answer my own question about what customers think of this idea, I investigated this restaurant on Yelp.

Customers responded to ordering via iPad as “novel” and “fun,” and one person commented, “you can take your time ordering; no one is rushing you.” A couple of customers claimed that there were a few small bugs like a small order mix up and iPads not being equipped to accept credit cards. What I found interesting was that of the 21 reviews for this establishment, 16 of those mentioned the iPads and most of the comments were positive. One reviewer even stated, “If you’re anti-social this would be like heaven to you.”

So what about the people who want the extra contact with their server? What about other issues like one iPad on the table with a group of diners, which was the case with one guest who wrote, “Annoying. Just give us each one menu.” Time will tell how consumers embrace this concept, but there may be more to this novel ordering system than just what the customers are saying. What about what is going on behind the scenes?

Aptito has launched its All-In-One Digital Solution for restaurants. Not only do customers use iPads to order, but those orders are sent to another device like a smart phone or another tablet. Customers can request their server’s attention by touching a button, and the wait staff receives the communication on their own phone or tablet. To take it a step further, the orders are sent to a POS system which not only records and sends the order, but tracks and removes the ingredients from inventory upon completion of that order. This could be a real time-saving feature in the day-to-day management of a restaurant.  Another nice feature is that the menu can be updated as often as daily, which allows for versatility in not only what is offered but for pricing fluctuations. Watch Aptito’s video.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you might want to consider how technology fits into your overall business strategy. To learn more about how to market your restaurant or other business using iPads, attend one of our free seminars.


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