Survey tracks small biz mobile technology use

June 18, 2013 Ronda Tablet Technology

Constant Contact recently released a survey that shows 66% of small business owners use some sort of mobile technology.

Whether they use a smart phone or tablet, businesses commonly connect with customers using mobile technology through social media engagement/advertising, email marketing, and mobile-optimized websites. Content on these sites includes menus, individual product listings, and videos.

Mobile devices also figure into day-to-day business operations.  For example, apps are increasingly popular management tools because business owners can use them anywhere. Mobile technology gives business owners new options and freedom. Servers and costly computer networks are now being replaced by iPads and cloud-based storage. Restaurant wait staff no longer need pens and order pads when they can take a customer’s order, send it directly to the kitchen, swipe the customer’s credit card – or even invite the customer to complete a survey – all with a tablet or smart phone.  Retailers are using tablet-based point-of-sale systems to track sales and manage inventory.

Businesses surveyed that are not using mobile technology claimed their customers haven’t expressed a demand for mobile communications or payment solutions, so they don’t feel the need to integrate mobile options. Understandably, many busy small business owners subscribe to the old adage, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” However, 36 percent of those in the survey claimed to be interested in mobile technology but didn’t know enough about how to best use it.

As mobile technology continues to grow, more opportunities emerge for integration into small business operations and marketing.


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Ronda Hawkins, training coordinator for the ASBTDC at Arkansas Tech University, has experience in sales, business administration, business management, business education, and small business ownership.

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