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July 3, 2013 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Long-term readers of Taps and Clicks blog may remember our recommending the Flipboard digital magazine app. Did you know you can publish your professional or business content in Flipboard‘s digital magazine form for FREE? What a great way to reach new customers!

For example, a business selling hunting apparel and supplies might create a deer hunting magazine on Flipboard. The business then would regularly “flip” news articles and photos on hunting tips, game regulations, photos of new clothing received and even YouTube videos featuring hunting tutorials or product demonstrations. By searching on “outdoors” or “hunting,” thousands of Flipboard users can easily find the new digital magazine and subscribe at no charge to the business or the individual. Additionally, within the magazine, Flipboard promotes similar magazines, so subscribers of other hunting or outdoor magazines will see the current magazine cover and title and have the opportunity to subscribe.

While using Flipboard, you have the ability to flip content by merely touching the plus button next to each article, photo or video. When you flip content, you are prompted to either create a new digital magazine or to select one of your existing digital magazines.

In addition to using the flip button, Flipboard also offers a bookmarklet which can be added to your favorite desktop browser’s toolbar. Then, you can flip most web pages, photos or videos directly into your digital magazine.

After flipping content, Flipboard offers a free online editor for moving and deleting content. One click changes the magazines cover photo! The editor also allows small businesses to change the title and description of their Flipboard magazine. As always, use keywords in your title and description to enable Flipboard users to find your magazine using Flipboard’s built-in search function.

To get started, you just need to download and start using the Flipboard app from either iTunes (for iPads and iPhones) or Google’s Android store. Then add some sources of flip-able content and start flipping to your own digital magazine. All it costs is a wee bit of your time. Too much work? You can invite others to flip content into your magazine.


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