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July 18, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

In a recent survey by comScore and UPS, 47 percent of the 3,000 respondents said they were more likely to shop with a retailer if they received a coupon or promotion on their smart phone whey they were in the store or close by. With location-based marketing on the rise, retailers want to close the sale while potential customers are in the vicinity. But, how does this work?

Informit lists five different technologies that allow proximity-based marketing, two of which are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. One system that uses Wi-Fi technology would be Navizon’s Proximity Engine that enables location-based actions, such as delivering media to registered users when they are at a specific location.

An electronic billboard delivers a personalized message as the user walks by and promotions go to users’ smart phones. A small device activated by the users’ physical presence sends out a signal that triggers these actions. Customers must register to view your offers through this system, and any time those customers are in the area they will receive a text message or email. Customers can then open your offer and take advantage of it if they choose.

ProximityMedia‘s MediaServer system will send out a signal to any cell phone in the area that has its Bluetooth feature turned on. Because this system is permission-based, opting in is required.  A web-based media server sends your message to a small device that is used to relay it to devices in the area. You can broadcast any content supported by mobile phones, including text messages, images, video, audio, ringtones, and more. How it works

If your business is looking for ways to promote loyalty to your business and give consumers a reason to buy now, vicinity-based messages may be something to consider.


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