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August 15, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

With more than a billion users and demographic details unsurpassed, Facebook would seem to be an easy pick to market your business. However, with the social media site’s numerous advertising options and no clear price tag, businesses may shy away from using Facebook’s paid features. Having a specific goal in mind will help you ease into Facebook advertising.

The first thing to note is you can easily control your cost. In a similar fashion to Google AdWords, Facebook leaves it up to the business to set a daily budget. Facebook also has a number of different ways to spend your advertising buck, including page promotion, post promotion, and ad campaigns.

To determine how your business might use Facebook in its marketing strategy, you must first decide your goals.

  • Does your business want more likes? If so, then promote your page. ClickZ details how to get started using Facebook Promoted Page Likes. For as little as $5 per day, Facebook will give you an estimate of the number of new likes you can receive per day. Word of caution: if you see hundreds or thousands of new likes in a short period of time, some “robo-liking” may be going on, though Facebook claims to have shut down the practice.
  • Do you want a specific post to be seen by more of your fans? If so, use the Promote Page Posts feature for the post of your choice. Again, you will choose a budget of $5 or more, and Facebook will list the estimated reach of that post, which depends on the number of people who already like your page.
  • Do you want to reach people specifically in your target market? If so, create a campaign for an ad or sponsored story. You will set your budget and will pay per impression (unless you choose to pay per click in the Advanced Options) and you will schedule your ad. After an approval process, Facebook will place your ad for those in your chosen audience to see. You can even run multiple versions of your ad to test which ad your audience responds to best.

Of course, any business wants to know the return on investment for its advertising, and you can see your numbers in Facebook’s Ad Manager. Facebook also has a new Conversion Measurement feature to help you decide if your advertising dollar is well spent. To learn more about advertising on Facebook, see Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

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