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November 18, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

In the past, businesses relied on creating festive holiday displays, sending greeting cards to valued customers and running sales to compete with other businesses around the holidays. Nowadays, you need to add another layer to your holiday marketing plan by creating a cheerful online presence. Constant Contact has compiled some ideas:

  • Create a festive Facebook cover photo. Cheer up your normal logo, create a festive collage or use a picture of your business all spruced up for the holidays to send a message. A picture is worth a thousand words, so use your cover photo to make a good social media impression.
  • Incorporate holiday content into your social media channels by including posts showing your company’s holiday spirit, promoting extras like free gift wrap and making it easy to shop by including clickable links to your website.
  • Create “gift idea” boards on Pinterest. With Pinterest, viewers are one click away from your website. If you have visually appealing products that are great for gifts, this is a fabulous idea.
  • Optimize your website. Web visitors decide in a matter of seconds whether they will continue on your website or click away.  Especially if your business depends on Web sales, use the holidays as a reason to take a good, hard look at your website and make some changes. Answering visitor questions up front, eliminating visual clutter, and creating clear calls to action can help increase time visitors spend on your site which may lead to more sales.

Of course, you will want to continue with your tried and true holiday marketing traditions, but remember to give customers the whole picture by using all your online marketing opportunities. Many shoppers now check out your business online before they ever do business with you. Will they like what they see this holiday season?


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Ronda Hawkins, training coordinator for the ASBTDC at Arkansas Tech University, has experience in sales, business administration, business management, business education, and small business ownership.

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