System rescue disks: make one today!

December 17, 2013 Timothy Uncategorized

Computers fail. Every day, somewhere, someplace, several computers have failed. Are you prepared?

One key step in being prepared is to have a system rescue disk on-hand and ready for immediate use. A system rescue disk is an optical compact disc (CD) or digital video disc (DVD) that can be inserted into a computer and used to regain limited computer access. A system rescue disk could be the difference between rescuing valuable data and files and losing them forever.

IT experts have developed several versions of system rescue disks, but about five are popular and in widespread use. Most system rescue disks load the free, open source Linux operating system into your computers memory.

To make a system rescue disk, you’ll first need to download a massively large ISO file to your computer. Second, you’ll need to use CD or DVD writer software, like Roxio CD Creator, to burn the ISO file image to your own CD or DVD. To test your new system rescue disk, place it into your optical drive and reboot your computer. Your computer should then boot from the inserted system rescue disk. Store your new system rescue disk in a labeled envelope and in a safe location.

Forgot to get holiday gifts for the office? Make a few extra system rescue disks and pass them out in decorative envelopes.

Reference: Five Best System Rescue Discs


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