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February 6, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Google recently released a software development kit to the greater world of developers and programmers. This will likely result in the announcement of new and novel uses for Google’s new $35 screencasting stick.

Not familiar with Google Chromecast? Watch this one-minute introductory video:

Pretty swift, huh? Simply plug the Chromecast stick into a nearby TV, connect it to the same WiFi as your computer or mobile device and then select the Chromecast icon in a compatible browser or app.

Need to work on the road? Use a Chromecast to enlarge your phone or tablet onto a hotel TV.

Need to train a small group? Plug a Chromecast into an existing TV and stream your presentation from your phone. Personally, I like the better idea of plugging the Chromecast into an HDMI capable projector and streaming from a handheld smart phone. Just swipe the screen to change slides or cue videos.

At Google’s low introductory price of just $35, consider experimenting with a Chromecast at your business. Use it for routine safety videos, new product demonstrations or award one for employee recognition.


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