Windows XP obsolete but extended

February 11, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Remember Microsoft XP? XP was Microsoft’s operating system that combined the best of Windows 95 with that of Windows NT. There’s a good chance you use Windows XP every week, even though you may have long upgraded to Vista or Windows 7. That’s because most of the world’s automatic teller machines (ATMs) still use Windows XP.

Why is this important? Well, Microsoft scheduled XP for obsolescence on April 8, 2014, meaning no more updates, security or otherwise, and no support. But that’s awfully difficult to enforce if everyone’s local ATM suddenly becomes vulnerable.

Microsoft has softened its stance and announced they will still support Windows XP Embedded until January 2016.

If your business still uses XP, you should use the remaining time wisely and migrate to a new operating system and hardware. You’ll find complete details in this Microsoft announcement:

If you’re unable to migrate your devices, then consider locking them down by removing them from Internet capable networks to a closed internal network. You might also consider using Windows Server 2003 which will run your XP period software and is supported until July 2016.



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