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July 24, 2014 Timothy Tablet Technology

Business Insider, one of my daily professional reads, posted a slide show review of the Samsung Galaxy S tablet. The review focused on 11 things you could do with the new Galaxy S tablet that you can’t do with an Apple iPad.

Among the highlights:

Running two apps side by side. One of the more frustrating things with an iPad is being restricted to one app at a time. To use the browser to look up a fact, I have to first close Evernote (or whichever app I have open already.) The Galaxy S tablet will display two apps side by side.

Control smartphones and PCs remotely. The Galaxy S has apps for remote control of Galaxy brand smartphones. Is you Galaxy phone ringing in the bedroom? No problem! You can answer it from your Galaxy S tablet in the den. Similarly, another app allows remote access to a home or office PC. Forgot to add a file to Dropbox? Not a problem! Log in remotely and get that important file.

Automatically pause videos when you look away. Do you use YouTube videos to learn how to do things? If so, you’ll appreciate this feature which pauses video playbacks when you look away. Watch a step, look away and do it. Your video will be ready and waiting when you look back for the next step.

The Galaxy S tablet is available from Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples and Walmart. Competitive prices range from $400 to $550 depending on memory needs.

Source: 11 Things You Can Do With Samsung’s New Tablet That You Can’t Do With The iPad


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