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September 2, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Have you tried the new Twitter analytics yet? Twitter just launched a new analytics dashboard that provides improved information on which tweets are popular and socio-graphic details on your followers.

Twitter Activity

twitter-analytics-engagements-arveteranUsing ASBTDC’s veteran channel, @ARveteran, our dashboard read “Your Tweets earned 305 impressions over the last 28 days.” Is that good? Well, according to the dashboard, that’s a 172.3% increase over the previous period. So, its definitely better. Looking at the bar graph on the Twitter activity tab, we see that our top days were a Saturday and a Monday. That’s interesting as we usually update the @ARveteran account on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Perhaps there’s a delay checking Twitter or that the days people usually check Twitter. Regardless, we’ll track this phenomena and see if we can’t detect a pattern over coming weeks.

Below the bar graph, we have tweets listed showing their impressions, engagement and engagement rate. Twitter defines engagement as being anything a user does with your tweet including expanding, replying, or even clicking a hash tag. Our highest engagements were asking users to retweet tornado recovery info (7 users) and announcing a free search engine optimization class (5 users). Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t provide a sort capability so we can sort our impressions or engagements from highest to lowest.

Followers Tab

twitter-analytics-locatio-arveteranThe Followers tab is the place to discover what makes your followers tick. Here we find that 33% of our followers are from Arkansas. Bullseye! Our target geography. Our followers’ most unique interests are military (50%) and veterans (48%). Another bullseye! Their top interest include military (50%) and business and news (48%). Can you say “Love connection?”

One surprise is that follower gender skew male (76%) versus female (24%). According to the most recent study, females comprise about 14% of the military. Thus, our veteran channel has almost twice as many females than one would expect.

Another surprise is the service affiliation. With a nearby active duty air base, one of the larger ones, and a nearby Army National Guard base, one might expect substantial representation from these branches. Surprise! A higher number of followers also follow @USMC (41%) and @USNavy (39%) than follow @AirForce (34%). So, while we’ll continue to help promote Guard and air base activities, we’ll be increasing news of interest to marines and sailors. Then we’ll check our Twitter analytics and see what, if anything, changes.

Accessing Twitter Analytics

To get to your analytics, you need to first log in to your Twitter account. Once logged in, visit Alternatively, you can visit first and then log in with your Twitter credentials. You might also bookmark the analytics site or create a shortcut for repeat visits.

We’d be interested to read about your experiences with Twitter analytics. Feel free to comment down below.


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