Windows 10 9 Announced by Microsoft

September 30, 2014 Timothy Tablet Technology

Microsoft just announced the follow on to Windows 8 and its going to be Windows 10. Not 9. What gives? My guess is that Windows 9 was too much like the unpopular Windows 8, so the company decided to “go back to the future” with a more traditional windows.



Key Windows 10 Features

Start button. Good news for long term Windows users. The start button is back and customizable. Want it bigger? You got it!

Search. The search bar is back and will be located on both the start menu and task bar. This should make finding files on our new terrabyte hrad drives faster and easier. Just be sure to name your files and directories with keywords and/or dates for easy retrieval.

App store. Prevously, apps opened in just tablet display mode. Starting with Windows 10, apps will open in a size to match the device being used. You’ll also be able to resize and re-position your apps. This is great news for folks with large LCD monitors.

Task button. New to the task bar will be a task button that pops up a ribbon display of all your open applications and documents. This should save the trouble of having to position your hands and fingers to hit the magical Ctrl-Alt-Del keyboard shortcut. Just click the task button instead.

Multiple desktops. Is your desktop crowded with both work and home shortcuts and files? Windows 10 will allow the creation of additional desktops to segregate your work and improve work flow.

“Snap Assist” UI. Another plus for users with large monitors will be the new “Snap Assist” UI which allows up to four Windows programs or apps to be snapped to a display grid. You can allot half your screen to Word and then share the remaining half with say a stock market app and an email app.

Ready to play with Windows 10? Then enroll in the Windows Insider Program and download the beta version available October 1. You might install the beta on a second non-critical computer as Windows 10 is a beta test version.

Source: Microsoft Announces Windows 10, TechCrunch


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