How to Share and Import Google Analytics Dashboards

October 28, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Earlier today, one of my colleagues at the Arkansas SBTDC asked about a Google Analytics report I had emailed to them. I explained that I could share the dashboard settings with them and then they could change the date ranges to extract the data they needed to write some reports. I copied the URL for my custom dashboard and emailed it to the co-worker. They, in turn, clicked the URL in their email, selected an analytics account, and … BINGO … they had the same dashboard that I had. The whole process took less than five minutes total.

Sound like a cool trick you’d like to know?

No? How about if I told you where to find dozens of free, high quality dashboards designed by online professionals that you can import and use yourself?

Sharing a Google Analytics Dashboard

1. You first start by having a dashboard you want to share. Its beyond the scope of this post to explain how to add the various charts and data tables to build a dashboard. So, we’ll assume you have a custom dashboard already.

2. Click Share. Notice under your dashboard’s title a line of options labeled “+ Add Widget Share Email Export”. Click the one that says “Share”.

3. Share template link. After selecting “Share” three choice will appear in a drop down. Select “Share template link”. A pop-up box appears with the template URL.

4. Copy and paste the URL. The URL is already highlighted, so just copy and paste the URL into a email message. Note that you are sharing just the dashboard elements and settings, not data.

That’s it! You’re done. Well, you do have to send the email message, but all the hard, technical stuff is over.

Importing a dashboard.

Adding the dashboard template is just as easy.

1. Open the email. Open the email with the URL. Most email software will turn the URL to a clickable link.

2. Click the shared URL. Click on the shared URL. A pop-up box should appear asking you to select an account.

3. Select an analytics account. Select the existing Google Analytics account to add the dashboard.

That’s it! You should now be looking at the new custom dashboard, but with your own data being displayed.

Free Custom Google Analytics Dashboards

Since you likely don’t have anyone to send you a dashboard to try, how would you like some free custom dashboards to work with?

The Google Analytics Team offers a free set of dashboards named the “New Google Analytics User Starter Bundle.” You can find even more dashboards in the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery.

Another source of free quality dashboards is Dashboard Junkie. Note that some of these dashboards require you to first upgrade to Universal Analytics if you’re a long time user of the original, classic analytics.


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