Preparing Your Online Business for Cyber Monday

November 21, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing

After Black Friday, the next most important small business date is Monday, November 24, 2014 — Cyber Monday. Depending on your niche, Cyber Monday may actually be more important.

With that in mind, is your business prepared for Cyber Monday? How do you know?

Tips for Preparing for Cyber Monday

1. Check your server(s). Unless you’ve been hammered by an Instalanche, your servers will likely see their largest and longest sustained demand on Cyber Monday. Check your bandwidth availability. If your host provides a fixed monthly amount, you may have already used most of your quota. Take time now to ensure a “Bandwidth Exceeded” screen doesn’t replace your sales pages. Also, check your error logs and fix any problems ahead of time. This is a good time to ensure all security patches and updates are installed and working well.

2. Prepare your offers and calls to action. As with our recent Small Business Saturday tips, figure out your deals, prepare your graphics and offer text and be ready to pull the trigger late Sunday night. Again, discounts equal lost cash. Try to offer value added services like free shipping, which you’ve cleverly priced in to your offer, haven’t you?

During this final week, start scheduling your social media campaign using HootSuite, LaterBro, or similar products. You might also prepare a few emails to send to that mailing list you spent the past year painstakingly growing. Use MailChimp or ConstantContacts newsletter features to craft a colorful, yer focused sales offer and call to action.

(Looks around.) And… keep your offers a secret. No leaking what’s coming. (Still looking around.)

3. Have a disaster plan. No plan survives first contact with the enemy or, in our case, the customer. Review with key staff procedures to be implemented in the event your web site crashes. Get the word out on social media. In addition to server uptime, customer communication is a high priority.

Take some time with family and friends this coming week and reflect on the blessings of the past year, but be ready for the commercial mayhem that follows it. We at the Arkansas SBTDC are thankful for your continued readership and support. Best wishes for success and may the electrons be ever in your favor.

Reference: Top Tips for Preparing Your Business for Cyber Monday, Jake Anderson


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