Small Business Saturday 2014

November 11, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Save the date! Small Business Saturday 2014 will be on Saturday, November 29. That’s just two days after Thanksgiving.

Are you ready?

Small Business Saturday Tips

1. Develop a Holiday goal. What do you most want to accomplish this Holiday season? Increase sales? Increase customers? Build your email list? Decide on your goal and how you will measure success. All you Holiday marketing should support your chosen goal.

2. Develop a Holiday call-to-action. If you’ve not already done this key step, you need to develop one or more Holiday offers you can promote on your website and on social media. “Free Shipping” is a very popular offer to increase sales and desired by most consumers. This means you may have to raise your prices to cover the cost of said free shipping. You could also offer a discount, but beware of discounting as it takes quite a large number of sales to make up the lost income. Contact your local ASBTDC business consultant if you need help designing a sale. They’d be glad to run over the numbers with you. But a better, lower cost solution might be to offer a free digital download with a holiday theme.

3. Select your digital battle fields. Most successful military generals select the time and place of their engagement. You should do the same. Is the desktop or mobile devices where your customers shop? What social media do they use and when? By deciding where and when you’ll engage your customers, you’ll be able to target them more successfully. While Small Business Saturday is only one day, you’ll need to engage your customers well in advance.

4. Prepare your media. Ensure your landing pages are updated and the offer is visible without scrolling down. Test your sales funnel by going through your sales and checkout process yourself. Start creating your social media messages and images. Create a count down calendar listing what you’ll accomplish each day.

5. Execute your plan. The difference between the most successful business and the lesser is usually due to execution. You want to execute your plan better than your competitors. As few plans survive first contact, monitor your analytics and make adjustments as needed. You also need to monitor your stock levels. Have a plan for selling out of an item. Will you offer a rain check or back order?

As always, ASBTDC business consultants are available to answer your Holiday marketing and Small Business Saturday questions. Give them a call at 800.862.2040 Monday through Friday.


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