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December 16, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

This past week the need to record audio during a meeting at the Arkansas SBTDC brought up the question “What’s a good mobile app for recording audio?” Normally for most audio work at the desktop we rely on the tried and true Audacity, a free open-source audio recorder and editor. Audacity even has a portable version that can be run from a flashdrive for editing on the go at an Internet cafe. But Audacity is desktop, what is its mobile equivalent?

A search for mobile apps with good reviews brought up a few cabdidate apps:

1. Digital Recorder Free provides the ability to record audio to MP3 files and save them to DropBox or email. The Digital Recorder Free app has a 3.5 rating from 17 reviewers.

2. Hokusai Audio Editor also provides the ability to record and export to both WAV and MP4 files. It too supports DropBox. The Hokusai Audio Editor offers multi-track editing like Audicity; however, there are no reviews of this app in iTunes.

3. Voice Recorder (FREE) By TapMedia Ltd is another good app. This app offers unlimited recording and uploads to DropBox, OneDrive, Box and more. Google shows this app with a 4 rating from 793 votes. but no reviews are on its iTunes page.

So far all these apps have been for iOS. What about other systems?

4. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder seems to be among the best Android apps. Hi-Q records audio directly into MP3 files and supports Evernote, Dropbox, Catch, Google Drive and more. One catch. Google has removed the app from its Play app store, but you can download and install the APK files from the authors.

5. RecForge is another highly recommended Android app which records in WAV, OGG and MP3. The free Lite version limits MP3 recording to 3 minutes, but offers unlimited WAV recording. Sharing on Google Drive, Skydrive, DropBox, and Box are all supported.

We hope this helps you the next time you have a need to record a meeting or event. Keep in mind that with a desktop tool like Windows Moviemaker you can import audio files and sync the audio to images to make movie of an event. We often sync audio tracks with PowerPoint slides exported as JPEG images.


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