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Preparing Your Online Business for Cyber Monday

November 21, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing

After Black Friday, the next most important small business date is Monday, November 24, 2014 — Cyber Monday. Depending on your niche, Cyber Monday may actually be more important. With that in mind, is your business prepared for Cyber Monday? How do you know? Tips for Preparing for Cyber Monday 1. Check your server(s). Unless […]


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4 Things to Know About BitCoin

September 16, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Most Taps & Clicks readers have likely heard of Bitcoins, a virtual currency. But, what do you really know about Bitcoins? This week we give you four important things to know about Bitcoins and a fifteen minute video by one of the country’s Bitcoin authorities. 1. BitCoin currently has few users. Worldwide there are just […]


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Google Analytics Update Adds Demographics

June 4, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Google has updated their popular Google Analytics product to support demographics. Most existing users will need to update your analytics tracking code to support the new capability. Updating consists of adding a single line of text near the end of your existing analytics tracking fragment. What’s the payoff for the extra effort and nervousness? How […]


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New Merge Add-on for Google Docs

April 29, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing announced the availability of their new Merge add-on for Google Docs. Merge enables you to create a document in Google Docs and merge it with an email list in Google Sheets. Not only has Google blessed this add-on, Google requested the add-on be developed by MailChimp. This new add-on allows you to email up […]


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Email marketing just got harder with Gmail move

December 26, 2013 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Effective immediately, Google is caching (or storing) all Gmail images and serving them from Google’s server farms. “So what?,” you might ask. Well, all the wonderful statistics on how many customers and prospects are opening your email marketing newsletters and special offers are now difficult to obtain. Google’s unilateral move negates the ability of MailChimp, […]


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Promoting your offer while your customers are nearby

July 18, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

In a recent survey by comScore and UPS, 47 percent of the 3,000 respondents said they were more likely to shop with a retailer if they received a coupon or promotion on their smart phone whey they were in the store or close by. With location-based marketing on the rise, retailers want to close the […]


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Creating free digital magazines with Flipboard

July 3, 2013 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Long-term readers of Taps and Clicks blog may remember our recommending the Flipboard digital magazine app. Did you know you can publish your professional or business content in Flipboard‘s digital magazine form for FREE? What a great way to reach new customers! For example, a business selling hunting apparel and supplies might create a deer […]


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Mobile marketing: how small business can get a boost

June 6, 2013 Timothy Mobile Marketing

USA Today published a good article on mobile marketing in its June 5, 2013, online edition. The article and accompanying three-minute video (embedded below) are based on an interview with a small business boutique located in New Orleans. Three takeaways are featured: Small businesses need mobile accessible websites. Keep the website simple and human thumb […]


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Is your business a POI?

February 22, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

Because I tend to be directionally challenged, I recently bought a car with a navigation system. This replaces my former GPS device that I would stick to the inside of the windshield, which worked well until the suction cup lost its grip and the unit would tumble down as I drove along. As I get […]


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Siri, the traveler’s and restaurant’s new best friend

January 24, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

Siri, the “personal digital assistant” that responds to voice commands, is an entertaining way to search the Internet and open apps on Apple devices. First available on the iPhone 4S, Siri is now available on the latest generation of Apple iOS6 devices, including the iPad 3 and iPad Mini. If you have just met Siri, you may need […]


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