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Mobile card processing ideal for restaurants

November 30, 2012 Ronda Tablet Technology

The last time your server said, “I’ll be your cashier,” did you cringe at the thought of your credit card being taken to an unknown place where access to your digits was temporarily out of your control? As a consumer, I get nervous when my credit card gets out of my sight. Restaurants are the […]


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iPad Mini early reviews positive

October 24, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

The Apple’s long awaited iPad Mini was unveiled yesterday. The newest member of the iPad family measures 7.9 inches versus the iPad’s 10 inches. Also, the iPad Mini is compatible with the 250,000 existing iPad apps, so all the apps we’ve recommended here on Taps and Clicks should work on the iPad Mini. Here’s a […]


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Business travel with a tablet

October 8, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

Recently, I was on two long-distance driving trips with a media tablet. During the trips, I used several tablet apps that proved to be extremely useful. Here’s a summary of my experiences and recommendations: Google Maps. Hands down, this was the mother app, the app to rule them all. If you’ve been following the news […]


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Different businesses, different tablets, same convenience

September 28, 2012 Gwen Tablet Technology

Two central Arkansas small businesses couldn’t be more different, but both are finding opportunities to use tablets in their operations. BriteSun Data Services offers residential and commercial information technology services. Owner/operator Anthony Cipriano of Maumelle likes the flexibility, portability, and connectivity of his tablet. “I found myself out on the road a lot here locally, driving around and […]


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Wow sales prospects with engaging presentations on your tablet

September 24, 2012 Maradyth Tablet Technology

Are you looking for some tools to improve your sales presentations? Whether you are presenting to a group or to an individual prospect, media tablets are excellent tools for both creating and delivering effective presentations. A tablet’s mobility offers more flexibility and convenience than showing presentations on a laptop, and presentation apps allow you to […]



How to use Airplay

September 6, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

Are you an Apple user wanting to know how to use Airplay? Here’s a quick walk-through of the basic steps of this cutting-edge technology. First, ensure you have all the hardware to enable Airplay. You need an Apple TV device, a WiFi device, and a recent Apple mobile device (iPad2, iPhone4 or iPod Touch) . […]


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Apple TV

September 3, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

The Arkansas SBTDC recently acquired two Apple TV devices for use with our classroom set of iPads and staff iPads. Were we impressed! The small digital media hub allows users to easily play content on a television or media projector. Within minutes of reading the instructions, we were wirelessly connected to our room projector and could use […]


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Microsoft Surface Tablet

August 22, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

Microsoft made news this past week with the rumor its new Microsoft Surface tablet might retail as low as $199 when ordered direct from Microsoft. The $199 price point would put the Microsoft Surface tablet on par for cost with the Android Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire. If the cost is $199 for each […]


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The future is here

August 7, 2012 Nancy Tablet Technology

While reading a recent article on entitled “9 Ways Supermarkets Are Going High Tech,” I realized that mobile technology has become an everyday technology, kind of like microwave ovens. The question is how will you integrate mobile technology into your business? Here are a few ideas on how to use mobile technology in your […]


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Windows 8 released to manufacturing

August 3, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

Microsoft has released Windows 8 to manufacturing, meaning it’s on the way to a store near you. The official release date has been set for Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. According to Blogging Windows, “People will be able get Windows 8 starting on October 26 either by upgrading for $39.99 or on a new PC or […]


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