Bringing technology to the table a fresh way to engage customers

June 12, 2013 Ronda Mobile Apps

Last week, my colleagues and I stopped at a restaurant on a business trip. At the end of the meal, in addition to the check, we were brought an iPhone attached to a small cutting board. I didn’t order the “iPhone a la mode,” so I was curious. The waitress quickly explained that the restaurant […]


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Technology and tourism: OnCell app becomes the new tour guide

January 31, 2013 Ronda Mobile Apps

While planning a recent weekend getaway, I stumbled upon a new way to explore a destination with mobile technology and thought I would give it a try. Because my husband is an avid baseball fan and a history buff, we decided to take the Hot Springs Historic Baseball Trail tour. We started by downloading the […]


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Smart devices create the internet of things

January 2, 2013 Ronda Uncategorized

With at least 56% of American adults owning a smart phone, technology can now advance into the next phase: smart things. Christina Kerley has compiled an amazing look at how technology will move to the next level – from an internet of connected people to an internet of things (iOT). Companies are now making products […]


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Smartphone security: how to secure your smartphone

December 19, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

The December 2012 issues of Smart Computing arrived in the ASBTDC offices. One of the articles gives several good tips on how to secure your smartphone against threats. Traditionally, the simpler-feature phones were relatively immune from hacking, but as smartphones have evolved into micro-computers, their advanced operating systems increasingly open smartphones to hacking. Screen locks. […]


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Managing employees with apps’ help

October 15, 2012 Jennifer Mobile Apps

For many business owners, the holiday season is super busy and can determine the success of the business for the entire year. Adding seasonal employees can help, but how do small business owners keep track of scheduling and managing extra employees during this busy time? Here are some useful apps for managing not only seasonal […]


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Business travel with a tablet

October 8, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

Recently, I was on two long-distance driving trips with a media tablet. During the trips, I used several tablet apps that proved to be extremely useful. Here’s a summary of my experiences and recommendations: Google Maps. Hands down, this was the mother app, the app to rule them all. If you’ve been following the news […]


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Apps and maps enhance international business travel

September 14, 2012 Liz Mobile Apps

A story making the rounds a few years ago (though never substantiated) recounted Pepsi’s efforts to penetrate the Chinese market. Unfortunately, the slogan that had opened up market share in the U.S.— “Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi Generation!”— fell as flat as a bottle that had been left open overnight. When translated into Chinese, […]


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How to use Airplay

September 6, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

Are you an Apple user wanting to know how to use Airplay? Here’s a quick walk-through of the basic steps of this cutting-edge technology. First, ensure you have all the hardware to enable Airplay. You need an Apple TV device, a WiFi device, and a recent Apple mobile device (iPad2, iPhone4 or iPod Touch) . […]


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GoToMeeting for iPad (and other tablets)

August 1, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

During a recent Arkansas SBTDC webinar, an individual attempted to log in to GoToMeeting using an iPad tablet and the Safari web browser. While the website displayed the webinar details and registration screens well, I was not wholly surprised to find the attendee panel failed to launch. I have since researched the issue and discovered […]


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Top iPad business apps for retailers

July 27, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

At the end of the Arkansas SBTDC’s recent mobile tablet workshop, one of the attending retailers passed us a note with a list of four iPad apps he finds invaluable at his retail shop. ScheduleFly – ScheduleFly is for scheduling and notifying restaurant employees. The retailer mentioned above has a large number of staff and […]


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