Using your iPad as a point-of-sale system with ShopKeep

July 26, 2013 Ronda Mobile Apps

Tablet devices are replacing traditional cash register systems in many small businesses. Point-of-sale (POS) systems like ShopKeep transform an iPad into a cash register and allow business owners to access their reports remotely on their iPhone or other device. Merchant Maverick rates this POS with 5 out of 5 stars and says “ShopKeep is ideal for […]


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Use the cloud to clear up your communication

February 25, 2013 Jennifer Uncategorized

Is communication a problem in your business? When you tell one person to spread the word, does it end up like a really bad game of “Telephone”? One way to improve communication is through collaboration. Collaboration establishes accountability, efficiency and a place to learn. When I worked in a hospitality business, we had the sacred writ, […]


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Private clouds: PogoPlug

August 27, 2012 Timothy Online Presence

As more and more data finds its way into the clouds of DropBox, Google and others, the question of privacy and security soon come up for discussion. One possible solution is to use a PogoPlug and host your own private cloud for storage of files, photos, and videos. PogoPlugs are small devices that plug into […]


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