How to Share and Import Google Analytics Dashboards

October 28, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Earlier today, one of my colleagues at the Arkansas SBTDC asked about a Google Analytics report I had emailed to them. I explained that I could share the dashboard settings with them and then they could change the date ranges to extract the data they needed to write some reports. I copied the URL for […]


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Google Analytics App Released

July 31, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

Do you obsess over your search engine optimization? Great news! You can increase your obsession with Google’s newly released Google Analytics app for the iPhone. This sharp, easy-to-read app allows you to monitor all your web and app data anywhere, anytime. The three sample screens on the iTunes description have me thinking this may become […]


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How to Recover a Hacked Website

June 17, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Do you know what to do if your website is hacked? A number of small businesses have had their websites hacked in recent months. The causes have been poor password selection or malware infested plug-ins. But that’s water under the bridge. It’s happened. Your site has been successfully hacked. What do you do now? Fortunately […]


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Google Analytics Update Adds Demographics

June 4, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Google has updated their popular Google Analytics product to support demographics. Most existing users will need to update your analytics tracking code to support the new capability. Updating consists of adding a single line of text near the end of your existing analytics tracking fragment. What’s the payoff for the extra effort and nervousness? How […]


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Google Docs App for iOS and Android

May 28, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

Not to be out marketed by Microsoft’s recent release of a Word app, Google has announced the availability of a new Google Docs app for both Apple idevices and android devices. The new Google Docs app enables one to create new document or to open an existing document that you may have created on another […]


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Google Sheets app for iOS and Android

May 20, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

In addition to their release of a Google Docs app, Google released a free Google Sheets app. Great for those who need to crunch numbers and ask “what if” on the go. We like the look of the interface. The main screen shows miniature sheets or graphs with titles. Clicking in a cell pops open […]


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New Merge Add-on for Google Docs

April 29, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing announced the availability of their new Merge add-on for Google Docs. Merge enables you to create a document in Google Docs and merge it with an email list in Google Sheets. Not only has Google blessed this add-on, Google requested the add-on be developed by MailChimp. This new add-on allows you to email up […]


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Google Glass for Business

April 11, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

Google just announced this week they are making Google Glass available for purchase by anyone…Anyone with $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket, that is. Google Glass, by the way, is Google’s cutting-edge mobile computing device that appears as a pair of reading glasses. The device projects onto the clear lenses like a fighter pilot’s […]


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Google Chromecast

February 6, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Google recently released a software development kit to the greater world of developers and programmers. This will likely result in the announcement of new and novel uses for Google’s new $35 screencasting stick. Not familiar with Google Chromecast? Watch this one-minute introductory video: Pretty swift, huh? Simply plug the Chromecast stick into a nearby TV, […]


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Email marketing just got harder with Gmail move

December 26, 2013 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Effective immediately, Google is caching (or storing) all Gmail images and serving them from Google’s server farms. “So what?,” you might ask. Well, all the wonderful statistics on how many customers and prospects are opening your email marketing newsletters and special offers are now difficult to obtain. Google’s unilateral move negates the ability of MailChimp, […]


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