Touchscreen Monitors

January 6, 2015 Timothy Tablet Technology

The future has arrived at the Arkansas SBTDC in the form of touch screen monitors. (For those still not aware, Microsoft’s Windows 8 and future versions of Windows support touch screen devices.) Amazing is one word that describes the user experience. Think of a touch screen phone or tablet on steroids and you’re fairly close […]


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New iPhone Release: Features & Prices

September 10, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

The big news this week is the release of the new iPhone 6 on Friday, September 19th. Already people are camping out in lines to possess this status symbol. So, how about you and I? Should we line up also?   Features Barometer. The feature most taked about in social media circles is the inclusion […]


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Google Chromecast

February 6, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Google recently released a software development kit to the greater world of developers and programmers. This will likely result in the announcement of new and novel uses for Google’s new $35 screencasting stick. Not familiar with Google Chromecast? Watch this one-minute introductory video: Pretty swift, huh? Simply plug the Chromecast stick into a nearby TV, […]


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iPad Mini early reviews positive

October 24, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

The Apple’s long awaited iPad Mini was unveiled yesterday. The newest member of the iPad family measures 7.9 inches versus the iPad’s 10 inches. Also, the iPad Mini is compatible with the 250,000 existing iPad apps, so all the apps we’ve recommended here on Taps and Clicks should work on the iPad Mini. Here’s a […]


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How to use Airplay

September 6, 2012 Timothy Mobile Apps

Are you an Apple user wanting to know how to use Airplay? Here’s a quick walk-through of the basic steps of this cutting-edge technology. First, ensure you have all the hardware to enable Airplay. You need an Apple TV device, a WiFi device, and a recent Apple mobile device (iPad2, iPhone4 or iPod Touch) . […]


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Apple TV

September 3, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

The Arkansas SBTDC recently acquired two Apple TV devices for use with our classroom set of iPads and staff iPads. Were we impressed! The small digital media hub allows users to easily play content on a television or media projector. Within minutes of reading the instructions, we were wirelessly connected to our room projector and could use […]


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Private clouds: PogoPlug

August 27, 2012 Timothy Online Presence

As more and more data finds its way into the clouds of DropBox, Google and others, the question of privacy and security soon come up for discussion. One possible solution is to use a PogoPlug and host your own private cloud for storage of files, photos, and videos. PogoPlugs are small devices that plug into […]


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Microsoft Surface Tablet

August 22, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

Microsoft made news this past week with the rumor its new Microsoft Surface tablet might retail as low as $199 when ordered direct from Microsoft. The $199 price point would put the Microsoft Surface tablet on par for cost with the Android Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire. If the cost is $199 for each […]


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Nook Night in Little Rock

May 7, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

Nook Night will be on Thursday, May 10, from 6-8 p.m. at the Books-a-Million bookstore on McCain Boulevard in North Little Rock. The store will be showing their full line of Nook devices and you’ll have plenty of opportunity for hands-on testing and asking questions. Currently all of the Nook e-readers are on sale for […]


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Video: How to Make Your Own Wireless Hotspot with MiFi

March 19, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

In this short video, I demonstrate how to make your own wireless hotspot using a MiFi device. The ASBTDC uses MiFi devices to create wireless hotspots for business consultants in the field at client businesses and to ensure broadband Internet access at rural or unwired locations.     If you would like more information on […]


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