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New iPhone Release: Features & Prices

September 10, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

The big news this week is the release of the new iPhone 6 on Friday, September 19th. Already people are camping out in lines to possess this status symbol. So, how about you and I? Should we line up also?   Features Barometer. The feature most taked about in social media circles is the inclusion […]


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IoT: Internet of Things

August 26, 2014 Timothy Internet of Things

IoT. Before reading the title of this post, did you have any idea what it stood for? Neither did a lot a very smart people we’re acquainted with. IoT is the Internet of Things. Things being all the non-traditional things one doesn’t currently associate with computers or the Internet. For example, toasters. Toasters, at least […]


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Beacons 101

August 19, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

One word: Beacons. That would be the word that Mr McGuire would whisper to Benjamin if The Graduate were released in 2014 instead of 1967. Beacons. What’s a Beacon? A beacon is a small, key chain sized object that contains a button battery and a BLE (Bluetooth® low energy) chip. They can be almost any […]


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Smartphone and Tablet Security: How to Defeat Phishing, Stealing and Rogue Apps

June 24, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

The Arkansas State University SBTDC pinned a short but useful article from Inc. magazine, Tracking (and Thwarting) the Latest Mobile Threats, to their technology board on Pinterest. The piece focuses on three major tactics used against mobile phones and tablets: phishing, stealing, and rogue apps. Phishing (or WiPhising, the mobile version) is the most common and easiest […]


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Google Glass for Business

April 11, 2014 Timothy Mobile Apps

Google just announced this week they are making Google Glass available for purchase by anyone…Anyone with $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket, that is. Google Glass, by the way, is Google’s cutting-edge mobile computing device that appears as a pair of reading glasses. The device projects onto the clear lenses like a fighter pilot’s […]


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Google Chromecast

February 6, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Google recently released a software development kit to the greater world of developers and programmers. This will likely result in the announcement of new and novel uses for Google’s new $35 screencasting stick. Not familiar with Google Chromecast? Watch this one-minute introductory video: Pretty swift, huh? Simply plug the Chromecast stick into a nearby TV, […]


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Promoting your offer while your customers are nearby

July 18, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

In a recent survey by comScore and UPS, 47 percent of the 3,000 respondents said they were more likely to shop with a retailer if they received a coupon or promotion on their smart phone whey they were in the store or close by. With location-based marketing on the rise, retailers want to close the […]


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Survey tracks small biz mobile technology use

June 18, 2013 Ronda Tablet Technology

Constant Contact recently released a survey that shows 66% of small business owners use some sort of mobile technology. Whether they use a smart phone or tablet, businesses commonly connect with customers using mobile technology through social media engagement/advertising, email marketing, and mobile-optimized websites. Content on these sites includes menus, individual product listings, and videos. […]


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Bringing technology to the table a fresh way to engage customers

June 12, 2013 Ronda Mobile Apps

Last week, my colleagues and I stopped at a restaurant on a business trip. At the end of the meal, in addition to the check, we were brought an iPhone attached to a small cutting board. I didn’t order the “iPhone a la mode,” so I was curious. The waitress quickly explained that the restaurant […]


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Technology and tourism: OnCell app becomes the new tour guide

January 31, 2013 Ronda Mobile Apps

While planning a recent weekend getaway, I stumbled upon a new way to explore a destination with mobile technology and thought I would give it a try. Because my husband is an avid baseball fan and a history buff, we decided to take the Hot Springs Historic Baseball Trail tour. We started by downloading the […]


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