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Smart devices create the internet of things

January 2, 2013 Ronda Uncategorized

With at least 56% of American adults owning a smart phone, technology can now advance into the next phase: smart things. Christina Kerley has compiled an amazing look at how technology will move to the next level – from an internet of connected people to an internet of things (iOT). Companies are now making products […]


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iPads instead of menus, really?

December 14, 2012 Ronda Tablet Technology

Yes, tablets are now showing up in restaurants for customer use. Miami New Times featured a restaurant in their area using iPads to serve hot dogs. To answer my own question about what customers think of this idea, I investigated this restaurant on Yelp. Customers responded to ordering via iPad as “novel” and “fun,” and […]


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Apple TV

September 3, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

The Arkansas SBTDC recently acquired two Apple TV devices for use with our classroom set of iPads and staff iPads. Were we impressed! The small digital media hub allows users to easily play content on a television or media projector. Within minutes of reading the instructions, we were wirelessly connected to our room projector and could use […]


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PayPay + Discover = windfall for retailers

August 30, 2012 Liz Mobile Apps

PayPal has long been known for breaking down barriers for online businesses.  In the early days of e-commerce, consumers were leery of entrusting credit card information to unseen merchants.  PayPal pioneered security measures that are now common in online transactions.  As a result, consumers have become more comfortable shopping at the virtual mall. Now PayPal […]


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The future is here

August 7, 2012 Nancy Tablet Technology

While reading a recent article on entitled “9 Ways Supermarkets Are Going High Tech,” I realized that mobile technology has become an everyday technology, kind of like microwave ovens. The question is how will you integrate mobile technology into your business? Here are a few ideas on how to use mobile technology in your […]


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Medical field embraces media tablets

June 1, 2012 Maradyth Mobile Apps

From mobile apps to media tablets, healthcare providers are rapidly embracing wireless technology. According to a 2011 Technology Survey by Physicians Practice, nearly 20 percent of 1,017 respondents said at least one physician at their practice uses a media tablet. In May 2012, Manhattan Research published survey results that found about 62 percent of physicians […]


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