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Creating free digital magazines with Flipboard

July 3, 2013 Timothy Mobile Marketing

Long-term readers of Taps and Clicks blog may remember our recommending the Flipboard digital magazine app. Did you know you can publish your professional or business content in Flipboard‘s digital magazine form for FREE? What a great way to reach new customers! For example, a business selling hunting apparel and supplies might create a deer […]


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YouTube is more than cute kittens: 1 minute of video worth a million words

April 18, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

When I think of YouTube, I think of amusing videos of cats and the wild antics of teenagers. But according to Socialmouths, businesses should be taking YouTube seriously. YouTube is now the second largest search engine, and business owners should be asking if their company will be found when potential customers search for them. ReelSEO […]


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‘Nerdy’ online listings

April 2, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

Do you have an unusual business or attraction or just somewhere fun to visit? Do you want new visitors to be able to find you? If so, you should check out and get your location listed. I stumbled upon a reference to the Nerdy Day Trips website in an edition of Smart Computing magazine […]


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Are you listening?

March 19, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

The online conversation has grown to the point that large companies now employ people just to post, blog and tweet to get their message out on the vast number of sites referred to as social media. With all of that chatter going on, businesses must realize that some of the conversations pertain to them. Small […]


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No website? Don’t miss ASBTDC’s Website in a Day

February 20, 2013 Gwen Online Presence

Where consumers once turned to the phone book to find a specific business or type of business, they now search online. According to one study, 97% of Internet users look online for local services – from restaurants to hardware stores to pharmacies – yet at least half of all small businesses don’t have websites. Simply put, to […]


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Winning at TripAdvisor reviews

February 7, 2013 Jennifer Online Presence

TripAdvisor announces in May of each year its Certificate of Excellence Awards. This award is very prestigious online and only given to the best-rated hospitality businesses with a focus on hotels, restaurants and attractions. Only 10% of all rated businesses receive it. Honorees get a digital recognition badge to display on their websites, a press […]


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Siri, the traveler’s and restaurant’s new best friend

January 24, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

Siri, the “personal digital assistant” that responds to voice commands, is an entertaining way to search the Internet and open apps on Apple devices. First available on the iPhone 4S, Siri is now available on the latest generation of Apple iOS6 devices, including the iPad 3 and iPad Mini. If you have just met Siri, you may need […]


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Are people talking about your business online?

January 8, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

Gone are the days of calling your travel agent to find things to do and places to stay on vacation or trusting a salesman to give you the best advice on which new car to buy.  Consumers now go online to research prices, features, and what others are saying about their experiences before taking the […]


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New insights into video marketing with Wistia

December 27, 2012 Jennifer Online Presence

Incorporating video into your online marketing is an excellent way to engage customers and boost your search engine rankings. Recently, I checked out a new video hosting company that offers helpful user support and useful tools to gauge viewing behavior. Wistia offers small business owners a new way to study the impact of their videos. You can learn […]


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Skype in the Workspace

November 29, 2012 Timothy Online Presence

Did you know that the popular videoconferencing software Skype now offers a business-to-business (B2B) version? Skype’s new owner Microsoft has just released from beta testing Skype in the Workspace. Skype in the Workspace is focused on helping businesses promote their own services or find desired skills or expertise. You can create free opportunities which include […]


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