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Preparing Your Online Business for Cyber Monday

November 21, 2014 Timothy Mobile Marketing

After Black Friday, the next most important small business date is Monday, November 24, 2014 — Cyber Monday. Depending on your niche, Cyber Monday may actually be more important. With that in mind, is your business prepared for Cyber Monday? How do you know? Tips for Preparing for Cyber Monday 1. Check your server(s). Unless […]


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How to Share and Import Google Analytics Dashboards

October 28, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Earlier today, one of my colleagues at the Arkansas SBTDC asked about a Google Analytics report I had emailed to them. I explained that I could share the dashboard settings with them and then they could change the date ranges to extract the data they needed to write some reports. I copied the URL for […]


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Essential Google Analytics Filters

July 22, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

The Arkansas SBTDC has long recommended small businesses take advantage of Google Analytics for monitoring their websites. While most websites have installed the HTML tracking fragment, fewer have gone further to configure Google Analytics to their business model. One of the best and easiest configurations is to set up simple filters to improve the quality […]


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How to Recover a Hacked Website

June 17, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Do you know what to do if your website is hacked? A number of small businesses have had their websites hacked in recent months. The causes have been poor password selection or malware infested plug-ins. But that’s water under the bridge. It’s happened. Your site has been successfully hacked. What do you do now? Fortunately […]


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Get Listed: Online Information Checklist

May 8, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Unhappy with your web traffic? Its likely you may not be listed at some high traffic sites and are missing out on your fair share of visitors. Arkansas SBTDC staff have created a Online Information Checklist for ensuring your are listed on key business referral sites. The Online Information Checklist breaks down your actions into […]


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Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress

March 18, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Google has developed and released a new plugin for WordPress. This first release of Google Publisher Plugin adds support for Google AdSense and Webmaster Tools. The AdSense support enables WordPress users to easily point and click to add AdSense ads to their content. While few get rich hosting AdSense ads, the plugin does allow one […]


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Pinterest announces unlimited secret boards

March 11, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Pinterest announced at the end of February that Pinterest pinners may now create unlimited secret boards. Previously, there was a two-board limit. Secret boards, while hidden from the visiting public, are useful for many reasons. Chief among these is the ability to build a basic topical board around a product or service and then make […]


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Spruce up your online presence for the holidays

November 18, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

In the past, businesses relied on creating festive holiday displays, sending greeting cards to valued customers and running sales to compete with other businesses around the holidays. Nowadays, you need to add another layer to your holiday marketing plan by creating a cheerful online presence. Constant Contact has compiled some ideas: Create a festive Facebook cover […]


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Hashtags not just for Twitter

September 18, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

Everywhere you look you see #this and #that. So, what’s all the #fuss? Although hashtags (# followed by a word or string of words with no spaces) are nothing more than a way to group messages by topic, they can be a fantastic marketing tool. Hashtags can enhance an online conversation by getting people involved, […]


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Advertising on Facebook

August 15, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

With more than a billion users and demographic details unsurpassed, Facebook would seem to be an easy pick to market your business. However, with the social media site’s numerous advertising options and no clear price tag, businesses may shy away from using Facebook’s paid features. Having a specific goal in mind will help you ease […]


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