iPads instead of menus, really?

December 14, 2012 Ronda Tablet Technology

Yes, tablets are now showing up in restaurants for customer use. Miami New Times featured a restaurant in their area using iPads to serve hot dogs. To answer my own question about what customers think of this idea, I investigated this restaurant on Yelp. Customers responded to ordering via iPad as “novel” and “fun,” and […]


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Managing employees with apps’ help

October 15, 2012 Jennifer Mobile Apps

For many business owners, the holiday season is super busy and can determine the success of the business for the entire year. Adding seasonal employees can help, but how do small business owners keep track of scheduling and managing extra employees during this busy time? Here are some useful apps for managing not only seasonal […]


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Becoming a paperless (or less-paper) office

June 11, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

Ever since BusinessWeek magazine first imagined an office of computer terminals connected to electronic filing cabinets in 1975, the quest for the paperless office has marched ever forward. Yet, after 35 years of improvements in technology, few businesses have achieved even a small measure of a paperless operation. For all our advances in larger hard […]


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EasySign mobile app

February 16, 2012 Gwen Mobile Apps

The concept of digital documents and a paperless office may be appealing, but what about the forms and invoices in your business that you or your customer has to sign? The mobile app EasySign may be the answer. A Mashable article recently recommended EasySign as one of five mobile apps to boost small business productivity. […]


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