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Use the cloud to clear up your communication

February 25, 2013 Jennifer Uncategorized

Is communication a problem in your business? When you tell one person to spread the word, does it end up like a really bad game of “Telephone”? One way to improve communication is through collaboration. Collaboration establishes accountability, efficiency and a place to learn. When I worked in a hospitality business, we had the sacred writ, […]


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Is your business a POI?

February 22, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

Because I tend to be directionally challenged, I recently bought a car with a navigation system. This replaces my former GPS device that I would stick to the inside of the windshield, which worked well until the suction cup lost its grip and the unit would tumble down as I drove along. As I get […]


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No website? Don’t miss ASBTDC’s Website in a Day

February 20, 2013 Gwen Online Presence

Where consumers once turned to the phone book to find a specific business or type of business, they now search online. According to one study, 97% of Internet users look online for local services – from restaurants to hardware stores to pharmacies – yet at least half of all small businesses don’t have websites. Simply put, to […]


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Siri, the traveler’s and restaurant’s new best friend

January 24, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

Siri, the “personal digital assistant” that responds to voice commands, is an entertaining way to search the Internet and open apps on Apple devices. First available on the iPhone 4S, Siri is now available on the latest generation of Apple iOS6 devices, including the iPad 3 and iPad Mini. If you have just met Siri, you may need […]


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Are people talking about your business online?

January 8, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

Gone are the days of calling your travel agent to find things to do and places to stay on vacation or trusting a salesman to give you the best advice on which new car to buy.  Consumers now go online to research prices, features, and what others are saying about their experiences before taking the […]


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New insights into video marketing with Wistia

December 27, 2012 Jennifer Online Presence

Incorporating video into your online marketing is an excellent way to engage customers and boost your search engine rankings. Recently, I checked out a new video hosting company that offers helpful user support and useful tools to gauge viewing behavior. Wistia offers small business owners a new way to study the impact of their videos. You can learn […]


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iPads instead of menus, really?

December 14, 2012 Ronda Tablet Technology

Yes, tablets are now showing up in restaurants for customer use. Miami New Times featured a restaurant in their area using iPads to serve hot dogs. To answer my own question about what customers think of this idea, I investigated this restaurant on Yelp. Customers responded to ordering via iPad as “novel” and “fun,” and […]


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Online marketing opportunity for Sebastian Co. hospitality businesses

October 11, 2012 Gwen Online Presence

Fort Smith-area hospitality businesses, would you like to know how to attract more customers with online marketing? Have we got a deal for you! Hospitality and tourism-related small businesses in Sebastian County are invited to take advantage of free seminars and other services being offered the next 12 months by the Arkansas Small Business and […]


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Different businesses, different tablets, same convenience

September 28, 2012 Gwen Tablet Technology

Two central Arkansas small businesses couldn’t be more different, but both are finding opportunities to use tablets in their operations. BriteSun Data Services offers residential and commercial information technology services. Owner/operator Anthony Cipriano of Maumelle likes the flexibility, portability, and connectivity of his tablet. “I found myself out on the road a lot here locally, driving around and […]


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Apps and maps enhance international business travel

September 14, 2012 Liz Mobile Apps

A story making the rounds a few years ago (though never substantiated) recounted Pepsi’s efforts to penetrate the Chinese market. Unfortunately, the slogan that had opened up market share in the U.S.— “Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi Generation!”— fell as flat as a bottle that had been left open overnight. When translated into Chinese, […]


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