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Twitter Analytics

September 2, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Have you tried the new Twitter analytics yet? Twitter just launched a new analytics dashboard that provides improved information on which tweets are popular and socio-graphic details on your followers. Twitter Activity Using ASBTDC’s veteran channel, @ARveteran, our dashboard read “Your Tweets earned 305 impressions over the last 28 days.” Is that good? Well, according […]


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Pinterest announces unlimited secret boards

March 11, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Pinterest announced at the end of February that Pinterest pinners may now create unlimited secret boards. Previously, there was a two-board limit. Secret boards, while hidden from the visiting public, are useful for many reasons. Chief among these is the ability to build a basic topical board around a product or service and then make […]


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Mobile marketing: how small business can get a boost

June 6, 2013 Timothy Mobile Marketing

USA Today published a good article on mobile marketing in its June 5, 2013, online edition. The article and accompanying three-minute video (embedded below) are based on an interview with a small business boutique located in New Orleans. Three takeaways are featured: Small businesses need mobile accessible websites. Keep the website simple and human thumb […]


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Does ‘foodstagramming’ help or hurt restaurants?

May 21, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

Have you ever been at a restaurant and watched a fellow diner snap a quick picture of his or her food? If so, you have witnessed “foodstagramming.” Often, the photo quickly goes from smartphone or tablet to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels with comments and location for all to see. Foodies of […]


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Are you listening?

March 19, 2013 Ronda Online Presence

The online conversation has grown to the point that large companies now employ people just to post, blog and tweet to get their message out on the vast number of sites referred to as social media. With all of that chatter going on, businesses must realize that some of the conversations pertain to them. Small […]


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Are people talking about your business online?

January 8, 2013 Ronda Mobile Marketing

Gone are the days of calling your travel agent to find things to do and places to stay on vacation or trusting a salesman to give you the best advice on which new car to buy.  Consumers now go online to research prices, features, and what others are saying about their experiences before taking the […]


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Using social media in the hospitality industry

October 25, 2012 Ronda Online Presence

As more people turn to their smartphones to stay connected, the hospitality industry is sitting pretty to be found by travelers. The key to being found, though, is in understanding the tools that are available and maintaining an effective online presence. Travelers today turn to social media sites like Yelp to find the best breakfast […]


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Social media apps simplify online marketing

July 26, 2012 Maradyth Mobile Marketing

With the tremendous increase in social media popularity, social media sites now serve as  platforms where many small businesses promote their products and services online and enhance brand visibility. Businesses that are successfully using this marketing tool are spending anywhere from 6 to more than 20 hours a week on social media. Can you afford […]


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