Google Chromecast

February 6, 2014 Timothy Uncategorized

Google recently released a software development kit to the greater world of developers and programmers. This will likely result in the announcement of new and novel uses for Google’s new $35 screencasting stick. Not familiar with Google Chromecast? Watch this one-minute introductory video: Pretty swift, huh? Simply plug the Chromecast stick into a nearby TV, […]


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YouTube Live: new live video streaming capability

January 6, 2014 Timothy Online Presence

Recently YouTube (aka Google) notified the world that live streaming was being offered to everyone. This new service will allow you and your business to broadcast live events to individuals, small groups and the world at large. The new live video streaming service will offer the ability to record up to four hours of video. […]


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Video paywalls: How to monetize your videos

October 3, 2013 Timothy Online Presence

Would you like to get paid creating videos? Several video hosting services offer low-cost solutions to store, sell and stream your videos to customers. Pivotshare is one of the least expensive video paywalls for start-ups as there is no setup fee nor any subscription fee. How does Pivotshare pay for storing and streaming your […]



New insights into video marketing with Wistia

December 27, 2012 Jennifer Online Presence

Incorporating video into your online marketing is an excellent way to engage customers and boost your search engine rankings. Recently, I checked out a new video hosting company that offers helpful user support and useful tools to gauge viewing behavior. Wistia offers small business owners a new way to study the impact of their videos. You can learn […]


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iPad Mini early reviews positive

October 24, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

The Apple’s long awaited iPad Mini was unveiled yesterday. The newest member of the iPad family measures 7.9 inches versus the iPad’s 10 inches. Also, the iPad Mini is compatible with the 250,000 existing iPad apps, so all the apps we’ve recommended here on Taps and Clicks should work on the iPad Mini. Here’s a […]


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Video: “E-Reader and iPad Tablet Quick Tips”

January 31, 2012 Timothy Tablet Technology

The Arkansas SBTDC has launched a series of short informational videos on small business uses for media tablets. Below is our first video of the series, “E-Reader and iPad Tablet Quick Tips.” In this short clip, I explain some differences in e-readers, like Kindles and Nooks, and full-featured media tablets, like iPads and Galaxies. Watch […]


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